My Top 3 Web Browser runs on XP

Recently, though I use my Windows XP just for sometimes, — I prefer to do my internet stuff by using my uBuntu Box, but when I need to go online while I am working to operate my office administation software which is Windows based. The above screen shooted browser are the three of my favorite.

Safari 4.0 is known as the fastest browser ever made powered by Nitro engine. Since so many add ons and plugins widely available on the internet and the most of, people can use it freely. So this is the power of Firefox 3.5 to lure so huge interest. My Forefox 3.5 already has been instrumentated with certain plugins meets my daily. Gecko is now new muscle system for Firefox 3.5 to challenge its competitor Nitro powered, Safari 4.0.

Social Networking sites are now has became part of almost every homosapiens. Flock developers knew this and made a good translation into such browser especially designed for this purpose. With Flock, it is very easy to get stick and follow our online buddies activity. Now adding Photos from Digital Camera¬† into my Facebook and Picasa account are something effortless. I don’t need Photoshop just for resizing large photograph to meet the speed of my internet connection and make my storage quota more efficient.

Did you know I also blogged this post with Flock Browser

Blogged with the Flock Browser