Need Exercise for A Good Focus

the object is out of focus

the object is out of focus

the picture is into focus

the picture is into focus

This morning, the sun and the rain was turned on and off. πŸ˜€ And in between, when it was not so rain, I went out with my cell camera for some pictures.

I saw some flowers, some of them with their wet look after the rain. I thought it kinda beautiful. Β I started my cell camera into macro mode. First shoot was just failed, but I could not stop as always. And after several shoot, I tried so many different distances and angles. I felt my shoots was progressing. See my second picture above!

And as I tweeted before, It was not my best focus possible but what lesson learned is I know that I have to improve my focusing. In any subject (or object), focusing is never easy. Focusing is something we need to exercise over time. Including to focus to our most important thing in life. πŸ™‚

I dedicate this post to all best friend, especially my Fe. πŸ™‚


12 komentar di “Need Exercise for A Good Focus

  1. this is a simple example to get focus, you’re right. Sometimes focus is difficult thing to get. We have to try many times when we loose the point. It has the same way when we want to take a makro picture. Many disorders could change the direction so easily. The strong one get the focus in a long duration, the weak one will get focus in a short time.
    i gotta focus.

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