Wishing Sweet Moment Last Longer

Hot Poci Tea made by hands of Pak Beder

Hot Poci Tea made by hands of Pak Beder

A tea pot and cup serving jasmine fragrance hot black tea raw rock sugar sweetened is often friends me spending night. I love enjoying jasmine tea at any time, mostly at night. And this one was pictured at last Sat night, with a friend at downtown side of Wonosari.

I might tell you that this served jasmine fragrance hot  black tea has the best taste in town. This one is a quality taste composed by famous ‘jayeng*‘ ‘s hands, Mr. Beder. He is welknown named Pak Beder.

I once asked him his secret tea recipe, with curved lips he gave me a chance to eager to try. Here I share with you: each a serving tea pot, make sure it filled with half more well boiled water, make sure the boiled water is filtered to avoid calcareous, add a table spoon of Teh Tang and two table spoon of Teh Pecut, (Both Teh Tang Super and Teh Pecut are merk of local tea) wait a few minutes before served. And don’t forget, the best taste of this jasmine tea recipe only matchs if sweetened with high quality raw rock sugar. (gula batu)

So, enjoy your tea time! Enjoy your sweet moment! But be remember, to much sweet tings will kill. Thats why I removed some parts of raw rock sugar out of the tea cup. 🙂


*jayeng is, ussually a man, that his work is to prepare high quality tea serving, either for daily or local party purposes. I think as Barista does with his coffee.