They Write a Messages on the Wall

DSC02529Painting on the wall is another way people sending their messages. Grafitti. Maybe those are like what we generally tweet, plurk, or updating our facebook’s status. Of course, neither they don’t have to pay for internet connection nor gprs data charge but spent more money for paint and brushes. Also they had to cost with their skin went darker because mid day sunshine here is very unkind even when people lotioned all over their body with sun block cream.


Picture was framed this afternoon by using my cellphone when I was walking heading home from my office. No meta data available told us the exact coordinate location, I forgot to activate it gps feature, but I can tell you no doubt that this is Siyono city.

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4 komentar di “They Write a Messages on the Wall

  1. Selama corat2nya (grafiti) bagus….. & benar (pd tempatnya)…. dinding…, penyangga jalan layang, etc……. memang enak utk dilihat/dinikmati…. bisa buat obat stress klo lg macet….. , nambah cantik pemandangan…..(bermanfaat).

    Drpd asal corat2 dgn tulisan yg jorok, slogan2 ga jelas… kdg2.. rambu2 jln dicorat2 (pilog) dan rambu2 jd ga kebaca, khan membahayakan/merugikan org lain pengguna jln….

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