What is Genius

“To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men – that is genius”. –Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Few are worthy of the title “Genius”. This unusual breed is often shrouded in mystery, their personas overshadowed by the magnitude of their accomplishments. Many were misunderstood in their life time. We are introduced to many of ideas too innovative for their time. We are introduced to many of these famous men and women in the pages of dusty textbooks where it is easy to forget how truly revolutionary their thoughts and deeds once were. These are the people that allow us to marvel at the ability or our fellow man, who change our lives forever whether we know or not.

Geniuses are not necessarily born with their brilliance intact, although much of their skill can be inherited from their parents. The ability of the genius is awakened by their environment, sustained by their aptitude for hard work. Internal conflict, the challenge of hard-fought intellectual inquiry, and even glory are some of the many factors that provoke the genius to act.

What we know is every genius is endowed with extra ordinary creative thinking abilities, often displaying a stunning grasp of logic and reasoning, with brain functioning at the farthest edge of human capacity. A truly rare being, the genius has a powerful mind that searches relentlessly for knowledge and understanding. Over time, their focus may narrow, and their seize upon and dissect a subject of endless interest to them. This is their unique abilities that allow them to move beyond simple mastery, to the point in which they can see the world in a way no one could have imagined.

Through this process, genius becomes exploration, its holders driven by restless curiosity into uncharted territory. Here though determination, passion and astonishing brilliance, they sent about shattering old beliefs, breaking new ground, and establishing order where none existed. There men and women of conviction see the word in entirely new ways, transcending limits while on a journey of courage and inner strength. But it is in our everyday word where we see the fruits of their labor, for genius is brilliance translated into action. It is achievement realized – a startling theory, a moving piece of music, a wondrous invention.

intentionally or not, geniuses become leaders, lighting the way to a brighter future and the rest of humankind. They serve as an inspiration, a reminder of our innate potential. The genius shares his or her gifts with society, elevating our spirits and raising our sight. In return, he or she it not merely celebrated, but remembered for all time. They attain immortality, and our lives are forever enhanced by their momentous contributions.


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