It was Locallized, Try Original Sumatra Food!

This morning I had a nice gtalk chat with my India friend. Yes, its been six months since we had our last dinner in Bali.  Just as we used to, there’re many things to talk about, until he said that he loves Sumatra food:

he :

I love sumatra food

me : 

I like sumatra food too
especially padang food (west sumatra)
have you ever visited sumatra?
he :
Nope, not yet!
me :
dont say you love sumatra food, if you never been there tried original sumatra taste :D
he :
Well, there’s a sumatra restaurant in phnom penh
the cooks are all sumatran
me :
here in yogyakarta, there’re many sumatra restaurants, but the taste have been localized
until one day I stepped foots there and got the original padang taste
he :
ah I see. :-)
lol, doesn’t that happen everywhere?
Kounila and I went to a Thai restaurant yesterday.
The food was more salty than we were used to
and the soup was served continental style
me :
that why you have to try the original sumatra food, soon!


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